Crochet Abbreviations (Do you speak crochet?)

Looking at a crochet pattern for the first time can be initially daunting. That’s because with all its abbreviations and symbols, it can seem like a different language. Luckily most crochet patterns use the same abbreviations, so once you start understanding the terminology, it won’t be long before you’ll be following patterns like a pro.

Below is a handy guide to the most common crochet abbreviations, terms and measurements as recommended by the Craft Yarn Council.

List of crochet abbreviations
Source: Craft Yarn Council of America’s

Sometimes crochet pattern designers use special or uncommon stitches. A good pattern will have specific instructions at the beginning of the pattern, that explain how to create the stitch and what abbreviation is used in the pattern to represent the stitch.

Now that you understand how to speak crochet , why don’t you try your new skill on one of my free patterns. Which one will you try first?