Do you use US or UK stitch terminology?

What is your crochet language? Do you use US or UK stitch terminology? A double crochet is a different stitch depending on where you are from or how you learnt to crochet. Like many shared words between the US and the UK, just because it is a shared word, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing. If you tell someone that you can see their pants in the UK, you are going to provoke a lot more panic than if you tell a person in America!

Crochet designers use either UK or US stitch definitions for their patterns. Good crochet designers tell you at the beginning of the pattern which one they have used.

How many of us have started a pattern and quickly realised that it looks wrong because you did the wrong kind of double crochet? Below is a handy translation guide explaining the differences between US stitches and UK stitches, as defined by the Craft Yarn Council.

US crochet stitch and UK crochet stitch definitions and translations
Source: Craft Yarn Council of America’s

Do you have a preferred style? Or can you easily alternate between the two?

All my free patterns use US stitch instructions. My ad-free printer-friendly PDFs come with US and UK instructions, so you can chose the style that suits you.