How to Button Joint Your Amigurumi

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Learning how to button joint your amigurumi is an another amazing skill to add to your crochet toolkit. Although not as essential as the ability to make a magic adjustable ring, it will definitely give your amigurumi a more professional look. My children love playing with all my crocheted creations and enjoy making them sit down for a tea party or stand to dance with their other toys. Indeed, one of the reasons it can take time between new posts is that I have to make at least three of everything as my girls are as excited about the figurines that I make as I am!

Button jointing, once learned, takes the same amount of time as sewing on the limbs does, so it becomes your style preference which method you choose to use. Remember: crocheting is your hobby and, therefore, should be fun. All patterns and instructions are there only to guide you. If you want to do something different, use another colour, or change a pattern, please do. Your time is so precious, with so many demands in it. Crocheting is a creative outlet to unwind, not another stick to beat yourself up with.

One Safety Precaution to Definitely Note

When making gifts for young children DO NOT button joint your crocheted creations. This process uses small buttons that can potentially be a choking hazard. ALWAYS sew on the parts firmly if you are creating gifts for young children.

All of my ad-free printer-friendly patterns come complete with this ‘how to button joint’ step-by-step photo tutorial.


Joint the arms first and then the legs, using the instructions below for both.

How to button joint

1. Pin the arms and legs onto the body.

NOTE: Test your project standing up and sitting down and check that the arms are aligned above the legs.

How to button joint

2. Thread approx. 100cm of upholstery thread through long sewing needle, line both ends of the thread up to sew using doubled thread.

How to button joint

3. Insert the needle into the middle of the back of the body, in line with where the buttons will go. Bring the needle out next to one of the pins that show where the button joint is going.

How to button joint

4. Push the needle through the middle of the top of the arm.

How to button joint

5. Add the button.

How to button joint

6. Thread the needle back through the arm and into the body, bringing it out on the other side, by the other end of the pin; to make the other joint.

How to button joint

7. Push the needle through the middle of the top of the arm.

How to button joint

8. Add the button.

How to button joint

9. Thread the needle back through the arm and into the body, bringing it out where the needle was first inserted.

NOTE: ensure the thread comes out in the same place as the entry point.

How to button joint

10. Pull both parts of the thread extra tight and knot securely. Fasten off and hide loose end within the body.

There you have it. As with any new skill, practice makes better. Why don’t you try button jointing one of my free crochet amigurumi patterns and let me know in the comments below how it went.

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